Psychobilly Meeting 2020 postponed to 2021 due to covid19 (English)

We are sure that you already guessed it was going to happen, and over the last days, some of you have sent us  messages asking if the festival was going to happen as we have seen a big number of festivals and gigs canceled.

The reason this statement has been made late is because we were waiting for a response and guidance from the Spanish government regarding the cancellation of events over a certain size, and also to take some advantage of the benefits that this announcement could have benefited us or if we could ask for help, in any way. But, this didn’t happen so the economic damage of this cancellation will be bigger and probably will have to be fully assumed by the festival organisation.

Although there isn’t an explicit prohibition, we see that the new measures are impossible to carry out as we would like so we felt we had no choice but to postpone it until 2021.

As you already know the cause of this cancellation is the big world health crisis due to Covid-19, we , as everyone in the world , have a moral responsibility, we can’t risk the health of assistants and the locals to this pandemic. We can’t risk the health to you, our psycho family either.

The second point is the festival conditions, we have a low mobility statement now and we don’t believe that you can arrive to our village , certainly not for a fair or affordable  price, not even the bands we were planning to perform at the festival.

The uncertain times we are having now for several days, is only an affirmation we are doing the right thing.

Regarding the tickets you already bought , you need to know you can request a refund on the next 30 days through the form on our website, BUT if you really want to support us, we ask you to keep your tickets , valid for next year, we will reward you for your patience. The ones interested to keep them will get the chance to win a stay in Pineda de Mar for 7 days in a 4 star hotel for 2 persons .

The people who have booked the hotel with us can write to us, and we will process the refund of your payments, we have already contacted the hotels and  the hotel agency, depending on the case. You don’t have to worry , it was important to us to help with this and we already talked with them and they agreed to make the refunds.

For those who have NOT booked with us and you are having trouble with your reservations you can write us and we will try to help as much as we can.

It’s going to be hard times for us, we have worked a whole year to organize the festival and we would have never thought that this could happens but we know we are not the only ones, those of us who dedicate to the music world promoting gigs, bands, dj´s , sound companies, venues, and a big etcetera of small show business are going to be the most affected of the pandemic and the last ones to come out of this, but with your support, we are sure we will get through this.

We have started a new support initiative between Just for Fun and bands, promoters, record labels, dj´s, tattoo shops, illustrators, barber shops , and other little business related to our scene. If you want to join us, you can participate through the next link, or buying the merch they have put it out in our online store 

Be sure this when we can, we will be back again with the biggest party on earth ! Don’t doubt it, we will be the first ones !

So that’s a big call to meet us  again on 2021, we are working to get the same bands line up. Spoken with the heart we feel, that is going to be really hard for us, to stop after 27 years, and see the streets of Pineda de Mar, empty of Psychobillies is going to hurt ! 

Stay strong because we want to see you ALL next year !

We thank you with all our hearts for your support, your messages of love, this means the world to us , truly.