Santa Susanna

Santa Susanna

Santa Susanna, a corner of Maresme (Barcelona) bathed in sun, embraced by the beach and sea, offers an idyllic climate year-round. With over 2 km of top-quality beaches on the Barcelona Coast, this location is simply incomparable for a 100% beach experience during the festival.

Strategically located midway between Barcelona, Girona, and the Costa Brava, Santa Susanna is a tranquil oasis full of tourist treasures waiting to be discovered. What does it offer?

Accommodation Quality: Santa Susanna has a diversity of exceptional beachfront hotels designed to offer unique experiences, for every type of visitor and budget, from luxurious 5-star hotels to comfortable family apartments or beachfront campsites.

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Culinary Offerings: It’s a true delight for food enthusiasts. Local restaurants blend the best of Mediterranean cuisine with international influences, offering a wide range of options to satisfy every palate.

You’ll find seaside restaurants allowing you to relish the breeze while savoring exquisite dishes of fresh seafood, paellas, and local fish specialties. Ingredient freshness and local produce quality are fundamental pillars of the region’s cuisine.

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Sporting and Cultural Events: With various spaces ranging from locations along the coastline to large hotel halls or party venues offering all sorts of activities, such as this year’s Psychobilly Meeting or Oktoberfest.

Nature’s Bounty: Sea and mountain, hiking and cycling routes delight adventure lovers. Its marvelous beaches and the aquatic activities offered by Sunset Beach Bar (nautical base) like jet ski rentals, PaddleSurf, Wind Surf, or kayaking, to the mountains with Montnegre Natural Park, all a stone’s throw from Barcelona or Girona.

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Come and discover Santa Susanna, your ideal escape to enjoy the Psychobilly Meeting in a perfect setting. Sun, sea, fun, and much more await you in this charming coastal spot and new festival venue!

Santa Susanna awaits you!