What’s the CASHLESS system payment ?

The Cashless system payment is the only way to pay at the festival. Through the NFC Chip of the wristband event, you can pay drinks, food and official Merch, after previous  recharge.

What is a RFID wristband ?

Is a wristband that contains a RFID chip ( radio frequency id ), you will use it as electronic cash and at the same time it works to get access at the festival.

How it works ?

It’s very simple, you get your wristband once you arrive at the festival door, recharge it at the authorised points, approaching it to the chip reader and it’s ready to use it !

Can I get it before the Festival starts ?


Where Can I get it ?

At the festival door, we will exchange your ticket for your wristband once you arrive.  With it, you can get in/out and pay, you don’t need anything else !

Has any cost ?


Where can I recharge it?

You can do it using different systems, inside the festival with cash or credit card in the authorised cashless points or online with your phone in at anytime.

How the online recharge works ?

Any time and any where you can recharge it. You need to get into, login and select the name of the event. Once is selected you have to introduce your entrance code (if you do it before the festival and you don’t have your wristband yet ), or once you get your wristband, putting the code you will find on the reverse chip.

Can I recharge it with any quantity ?

To make the payments easier, you can recharge it using multiple of 5,

(5€, 10€, 15€, 20€…).

Is there any limit ?

Yes , 500€.

Can I recharge it after balance is empty ?

Sure, you will find several recharge points inside the event.

Can I recharge the wristband in cash or credit card?

Yes, both .

Can I use the balance wristband for all days of the event?

Yes .

What is happening if my wristband gets broken ?

Go to the authorised cashless point to get a new one

Has the replacement of the wristband any cost ?

The first replacement , won’t have any cost, but if it gets broken for a second time, will do .

The wristbands are made of a tough material so is very unusual to get damaged. You could wear it all year with any problem and show off you came to the festival.

What happens if I lost my wristband ?

If you loose it, you loose the right to stay at the event and spend the balance on it.

Can I share my RFID wristband with someone else ?

No , each RFID chip is valid for an unique person, the balance belongs to an owner. Manipulated wristbands won’t be valid for payments method.

Can I invite someone with my RFID wristband ?

Of course, you can use your balance as you decide.

Can I go to swim at the beach with the wristband ?

Yes the wristband is submersible.

Can I check which is the balance of my wristband ? How ?

Yes, anytime, just go to the bar or at any of the cashless points.

Can I pay all the drinks inside the event using that method ?

Yes, you can use it to buy drinks, food and official Merch.

Can I use cash to buy food or drinks ?

No, cash won’t be able to use at the festival.

Can I get the money left on my wristband ? How?

Yes through our website from 9th to 14h of July,

Dont throw the wristband as on the back of the chip there is a code you will need to get your money back.

For non-EU returns, refunds can only be processed via PayPal