Download the official program



You can now download the official programme of this next edition of the Psychobilly Meeting with all the schedules and all the information you need for your visit !

Vamos a la playa ho ho ho !!!

Ya puedes descargarte el programa oficial de está próxima edición del Psychobilly Meeting con todos los horarios y toda la información que necesitas para tu visita !

Vamos a la playa ho ho ho ! ! !


The time has come ! After 2 years without the festival , we return with more strength and happier than ever !

Two years of sadness , without hope , encounters , without live music and for some of us, we lost family or friends . We want to leave now all that nightmare behind and start again doing the best we can do that is celebrate the meeting again at the beach with great fun , holidays and best music in the world !

We will have a festival as the ones we were used to , big fun, the parties on the Santis Beach Bar and the concerts at night on the Psychobilly Meeting Village , with top bands around the world and best party on earth !

This year it would be our Festival number 30 but the pandemic didn’t let us celebrate it but we will do this year with a big celebration as it will be our 30TH Anniversary as JUST FOR FUN ! So let’s leave behind these years of sorry and come to live again the Psychobilly Meeting experience !

It’s time to celebrate ! It’s Psychobilly Meeting time !


Por fin ha llegado nuestra hora ! y es que después de dos años sin festival este año volvemos con más fuerza y ganas que nunca !

Han sido dos años de tristeza , sin ilusiones , sin encuentros , sin música en directo , y para muchos de

nosotros de perdidas de familiares y amigos. Pero queremos dejar atrás toda esta pesadilla y empezar de la mejor manera posible ,

y que mejor que celebrando todos juntos de nuevo nuestro encuentro anual en la playa lleno de diversión , vaciones  y

la mejor música !

Tendremos un festival como antes ! a lo grande ! con nuestras fiestas en el Santis beach bar y nuestros conciertos nocturnos en el

Psychobilly Beach Village , con un montón de las mejores bandas de todo el mundo y la mejor fiesta de verano que podáis encontrar !

Este año cumpliríamos 30 años de festival pero la pandemia no nos ha dejado celebrarlo , pero no por ello queremos dejar de celebrar

nuestro 30 aniversario como JUST FOR FUN ! así que deja atrás estos años de penas y ven a vivir de nuevo la experiencia de un

nuevo Psychobilly Meeting de nuevo.

Es tiempo de celebración ! Es tiempo de Psychobilly Meeting !

Covid19 Friendship Just For Fun mutual support

Union is the force, in front of that pandemic we need to be strong and help each other, we have the strength to fight together against that crazy times we are living. On our scene, there are many of us with a difficult situation and we have a plan.

Do you play in a band, are you an illustrator, a gig club, promoter, tattoo shop, restaurant, a business related to our music scene ? Are you affected by the Corona crisis ?

We want to offer you our platform and your stamping factory to help you to raise fund without investing your money and time.

How does it work ?

1 – Send us a design of your band / business and we will upload it to our online store.

2 – Promote your design and look for support in your circle of friends, customers, fans, to buy your shirt. The more you share it on social networks the more income it will generate.

3 – At the end of the month we do a sales balance and you will get € 5 per unit sold, the total amount will be send it to your paypal account at the end of the month.

We take care of everything , uploading the product, add to collection, manufacturing, shipping and after-sales. You just have to help your community get to know it and share it in networks at least once a week.

Our stamping system is digital printing so we have no color limit, send us your data through this form and a file with your logo or drawing in good PSD / PNG resolution. Let’s start working together!

If you want to participate in our Friendship mutual support program fill out the form following this link:

New design by PASKAL “Pineda Series” for Just For Fun Store “XINO XANO STRAIGHT TO HELL”

Find the new design by PASKAL “Pineda Series” for Just For Fun Store “XINO XANO STRAIGHT TO HELL” in t-shirts , Hoodie zip , Sweatshirt or tote bags… on our online store !!!
Buy this t-shirt for only 12 € this week !!!
Nuevo diseño por PASKAL “Pineda Series” para Just for fun store “XINO XANO STRAIGHT TO HELL” en camisetas de chico o chica, sudaderas de cremallera y capucha , jerseys o tote bags , todo en nuestra tienda on line !!!
Aprovecha la oferta y consigue esta camiseta por tan sólo 12 € esta semana !




Line up updated with the last advertisement of the 28th Psychobilly Meeting 2020 Pineda de Mar, we hope you like it !!!

In this link you will find all the information of all the bands confirmed by now !

The next announcement will be the last one, with 12 bands more which will complete the final line up. Soon, we will tell you when it will happen.

You can start planning your holidays and buy the bonus ticket through our official webpage.


Así va quedando el cartel esta ronda de 6 bandas añadidas al 28th Psychobilly Meeting Pineda de Mar 2020 , esperamos que os guste !!!

En este enlace teneis la información de todas las bandas hasta ahora confirmadas !

El siguiente anuncio será el anuncio final con las últimas 12 bandas que cerrarán el cartel , pronto os daremos la fecha de este anuncio.

Ya sabeis que podeis seguir comprando el bonus ticket y preparando vuestras vacaciones a través de nuestra página oficial .

New “Pineda Series” by the great artist Paskat Millet

psychobilly meeting t-shirt

We´re glad to present  you the new “Pineda Series” by the great artist Paskat Millet, a special designs dedicated to the Psychobilly Meeting. 

No words need to introduce the amazing french illustrator for all known within the Psychobilly scene,  singer and founder of the and Monster Klub.

His world is full of zombies, monsters, demons and all kind of weird creatures that emerge from his head ! He has worked for a bunch of bands doing album covers, tshirts and flyers for concerts and festivals !

You will love it !!!

Take a look here ! 


De la mano de Paskal Millet os presentamos “Pineda Series” , unos diseños dedicados al Psychobilly Meeting de Pineda de Mar recreados de los lapices de este gran artista.

Poca presentación necesita este gran ilustrador Frances por todos conocidos dentro de la escena Psychobilly también conocido como cantante y fundador de la banda Francesa Monster Klub.

Lo suyo son los zombies , monstruos de toda clase , demonios y demás criaturas que emergen de su cabeza .

Ha trabajado para numerosas bandas en diseños para portadas de discos, camisetas, logos o carteles para conciertos y festivales.

Seguro que os gusta !!!

Echa un vistazo aquí !