Covid19 Friendship Just For Fun mutual support

Union is the force, in front of that pandemic we need to be strong and help each other, we have the strength to fight together against that crazy times we are living. On our scene, there are many of us with a difficult situation and we have a plan.

Do you play in a band, are you an illustrator, a gig club, promoter, tattoo shop, restaurant, a business related to our music scene ? Are you affected by the Corona crisis ?

We want to offer you our platform and your stamping factory to help you to raise fund without investing your money and time.

How does it work ?

1 – Send us a design of your band / business and we will upload it to our online store.

2 – Promote your design and look for support in your circle of friends, customers, fans, to buy your shirt. The more you share it on social networks the more income it will generate.

3 – At the end of the month we do a sales balance and you will get € 5 per unit sold, the total amount will be send it to your paypal account at the end of the month.

We take care of everything , uploading the product, add to collection, manufacturing, shipping and after-sales. You just have to help your community get to know it and share it in networks at least once a week.

Our stamping system is digital printing so we have no color limit, send us your data through this form and a file with your logo or drawing in good PSD / PNG resolution. Let’s start working together!

If you want to participate in our Friendship mutual support program fill out the form following this link:

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