Let the infectious rhythm of ‘Al Capone’ put  the Santa Beach on fire 🎶🔥

The Wigsville Spliffs were not just another band; they were legendary at the iconic Klub Foot and a cornerstone of the UK psychobilly and neorockabilly scenes. 🎸 Their electrifying performances and distinctive sound earned them a place on numerous compilations like “Rockin’ It Up”, “Stomping At The Klub Foot”, and “Zorch Factor”, solidifying their status as genre pioneers.

Comprising Ian Aitkin (guitar/vocals), Danny Mowl (drums), and the great and beloved Mike Lister (bass), the original trio captivated audiences with their fast-paced neo-rockabilly melodies and hard-hitting bass lines. 🎶 Despite never releasing a full album of their own, tracks like “Al Capone” and “Highclass Power” became instant fan favorites, showcasing their raw talent and infectious energy.

Behind the scenes, the legendary Boz Boorer (of Polecats/Deltas) lent his expertise to the band, further enhancing their dynamic sound. 🎶 With the support of Raucous Records, The Wigsville Spliffs released a 16-track CD featuring their most beloved songs alongside previously unreleased material, reigniting interest in the band and prompting a reunion.

In 2011, after a hiatus of 25 years, The Spliffs returned with their highly anticipated album “Fat 41”, released on Drunkabilly Records (BE). 🎶 With founding member Mike Lister on bass, Paul Richardson on drums, and Spike Arrow (formerly of Frenzy and The Rapids) on guitar and lead vocals.

From their humble beginnings at the Klub Foot to their enduring legacy, The Wigsville Spliffs remain an essential part of the psychobilly and rockabilly scene, proving that their music transcends generations and continues to inspire fans worldwide. 🌍 And most importantly now, the current trio retains the original lineup, with Aitkin on guitar and vocals, ensuring that their unique spirit remains alive and fresher than ever! 🎶🔥

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