They are quick and clean, from original themes to the most pure 80’s Psychobilly. They are coming from the cold streets of Moscow to the hot beaches of Pineda de Mar .
Formed 10 years ago they have been hosts of Russian Psychobilly in European festivals such as the Earthquake in Bremen or the Psychomania in Postdamn. In 2015 they travelled further over seas and toured the USA, being the first band from the ex Soviet Union to play there, they went back in 2017 and included Mexico.
“Scram “ is the name of their last record by Crazy Love records released in 2014, “Jittersquid “ the name of their next 7” for Brainbug Records in 2015 and “Suburban Breackout “ the next EP in 2016. Nowadays they are working in their new album !
THE SQUIDBILLYS will be the ones to represent Russia in this edition, Juvenile Old School Psychobilly at the beach on Santi´s Beach Bar !! Don´t miss them !!!