Left to stand alone in the fields of Walton Farm protecting the crops from varmints and birds, Thee Scarecrows pulled up their stakes and shuffled into Walton Ranch.
They found the place empty except for some ramshackle musical ‘instruments’ left behind by Thee boys before they mysteriously disappeared.
Thee Scarecrows fumbled with the instruments using their poorly formed straw hands. From this they created a primitive rock ‘n’ roll rhythm that scared away all the varmints in the fields far better than those straw men ever managed standing out there hooked on stakes.
The straw flew and the windows rattled as Thee Scarecrows Blues was born and those lonely straw-filled men waited for Thee Waltons to return……
Cut off your head, scoop out the brains, fill it full of straw and sew it back again…Run vermin run from THEE SCARECROWS blues !!!!

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