Dive into the Celtic Punk fun with The Rumjacks: Where tradition meets punk rock!

With catchy choruses and festive melodies, The Rumjacks promise a live experience full of madness. Their Celtic punk and anthems will be on stage at the Psychobilly Meeting to celebrate this great 30th anniversary with all of you!

Since their beginnings in 2008 in Sydney, Australia, The Rumjacks have fused Celtic influences with their own unique punk rock, adding traditional instruments such as the accordion, mandolin and banjo to their sound. In March 2021, the band marked a new era of energy and creativity with the release of their fifth studio album, entitled “Hestia”.

The Rumjacks revive the rebellious and drinking spirit of the Celtic Punk subgenre. With their explosive live shows and an intense touring schedule, they have left their mark on half the world. From the commercial success of “An Irish Pub Song” to their latest album “Hestia” and the recent EP “Brass for Gold”, The Rumjacks continue to demonstrate their talent and versatility.

So get ready to immerse yourself in their Celtic-inspired folk punk rock, known for authentic tavern songs, beer anthems and a guaranteed party.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the contagious energy of The Rumjacks at the Psychobilly Meeting in Santa Susanna. Join the celebration!

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