Without a doubt they are one of the bands that comes to mind when we talk about Psychobilly pioneers . This British quartet used to hang out at famous London Pubs such as “The Royalty”. Two brothers,Steve and Sam Sardi along with their cousin Dave Sardi and a good friend for many years, Steve Meadham (Ginger) . Moved by a great passion for music, they formed this band in 1979, and soon became one of the most well-known bands on the Rockabilly – Psychobilly scene in the early 80’s .
They were noticed by Nervous Records where they recorded their first two songs on vinyl ‘Witchcraft and Migraine’ which became immediate successes, what followed was that major Rockabilly festivals included them as headliners playing covers full of speed and furious as “Worried about you baby” in which the public exploded and began to wreck. That never had been seen before in other Rockabilly concerts .

It does not take long to get his first album “Made in Shade” returning with Nervous Records that becomes a gem of the genre .
Ginger, the drummer joined The Meteors and left the band to record Wrecking crew and Meteors live Scotland, so the band has to find another drummer .
The next one to leave the band was Sam, in 1984, this time to join the Guana Batz, and he will stay with them for 6 successful years ,
In 1990 the band was called by several European promoters to reunite with their original line up, so they will return and record their second album “On target”. During those years they played occasionally. But is not, untill 2010, when they came back stronger than ever, playing in several European and American Festivals. In 2013 they released “Chain Dog “on Diablo Records .

Don´t miss the Psychobilly Old School Pioneers !! See what they are capable to do on the stage 40 years later !!! They are THE RICOCHETS !!!