Tune into the Psycho Radio with this killer trio from Japan!

One of the bands that generated  a big interest after coming to Europe the last time, always is a big pleasure to have Japanese Psychobilly bands because is not usual to see them often overseas and we can´t forget the Japanese scene is alive and big. They become part of the new psychobilly generation from Japan and play a kind of rockin´old school psychobilly !  One band with an original sound and with the spookiest bast player in the world ! Get ready for a fresh , possitive vibes and a great performance , if you see them in Bedlam , you know what we are talking about

The Radios are authentic rock ‘n’ roll born in a rural town at the eastern edge of Japan. The band started in 2003 when drummer Teru invited guitarist Ehashi and Hideki to join after seeing them riding motorcycles around town every night. Since then, we have continued with the same members. They have released three albums and seven-inch vinyl so far.

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