They come from a settlement of the Paleolithic era near Albany, New York, the Homo Sapiens named Johnny Rabb and Eddie Angel, (STRAITJACKETS) ,have been delighting the Cro-magnon men for many eras . The students were confused thinking what was invented first , the wheel or the electric guitar .

Its primitive Rock and Roll that recalls 60’s sounds from The Sonics and The Trashmen with a bit of Chuck Berry and Link Wray . They sing about girls hot rods and monsters in spaceships , no trace of introspective poetry or postmodern angst in the lyrics .
His philosophy of his music can be summarized in three songs, something as fun as the “Louie Louie”, a raw theme as the “Rumble” or such a significant tune as the “Surfin ‘Bird”.
Catchy surf, primitive R & R and 60’s garage on a luxury band with its original singer Johnny Rabb , Eddie Angel (Straitjackets), Pete Curry (Straitjackets), Juan Diego (A-Phonics) and with exclusive date in Europe .

From the main caves; THE NEANDERTHALS !!!! Unga Bunga !!!!!