Unleash the power of The Moggies, Neo-Rockabilly passion, Psychobilly intensity!

Since their formation in 2010 by the legendary Frankie Moggie and Dave P. Careless, The Moggies have been an unstoppable force in the neo-rockabilly and psychobilly scene. With over 1000 performances under their belt, both in their native Italy and throughout Europe, this band has showcased their dedication and passion for their music every step of the way.

With three critically acclaimed studio albums and a live album recorded in the Netherlands, The Moggies have brought their distinctive sound to audiences across the continent. Their unique style blends the essence of classic rockabilly with the intensity of modern psychobilly, creating an exciting and captivating musical experience.

Whether with their witty lyrics or infectious rhythms, The Moggies guarantee a night full of fun and excitement for all in attendance. So join us as we dive into the wild and vibrant world of The Moggies on the main stage of the Psychobilly Meeting in Santa Susanna

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