Introducing the first female band from the United States! Five mighty women, corseted in latex, fishnet stockings and lead by the burlesque queen Miss Eva Von Slut and her powerful voice. They combine Psychobilly with the devotion of Horrorpunk, surf and garage, add in obscure lyrics and guitar stabbing to complete the style and you get the gist of their stage show

Based in San Francisco they jumped on the Californian Psycho scene sharing stage with big names as DAG, Batmobile, The Meteors, Mad Sin and Misfits among others.
Their first album was released back in 2005, “Revenge served cold” they followed it in 2008 with “The Devil´s Outlaws” and in 2009 they shared an EP with the band The Grit !

These gals are ready to rumble and they will do it for the first time in Pineda!! they are THEE MERRY WIDOWS !!!!

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