This is a band that knows how to combine elegance, style, originality and huge energy in their shows, everybody knows we are talking about the HILLBILLY MOON EXPLOSION ! If we add on top one of the best known and wild frontman on the Psychobilly scene we have a bomb !!!
Emanuela Hutler and Oliver Baroni, joined their artistic careers at the end of the 90´s in Zurich. She came from the trio MD Moon and he was putting an end to Hillbilly Headhunter, to give a nod to their respective past they called to their new project: The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, with more than 15 years playing and creating an own style that Tarantino would love.
Some years ago, around 2011, they had the brilliant idea to do a duet with Sparky of Demented Are Go, “My Love for Evermore“ became a hit with more than 6 million visitors on you tube, tens of covers have been done and the ep had 7 editions which are well appreciated by colectors. After that big success, they followed it with “Nothern Crown in 2013, “Black Ghost” , “Jackson” of Johnny Cash in 2014 And in late 2018 “Queen of Hearts” , “Teddy Boy Flick Knife Rock and Roll” from the great Crazy Cavan. They have finished the new recordings and the new album in cooperation with Sparky is ready to release. Now they tour a lot and many of you have caught their performances in your home country but Pineda always gives you more. We have The Hillbilly Moon Explosion with Sparky, on main stage on Saturday night !