In 2016 we were lucky to have them at the Meeting and in 2017 they were toured Spain with 4 dates, we noticed these Detroit guys are one of the revelation bands in the underground scene. If you thought all was already done on Psychobilly or Country Punk music, you are wrong, because, this quartet are able to mix such a different styles, creating a Gutterbilly or an Hobocore, with influences of Rockabilly, Hardcore, Bluegrass, Psychobilly, Metal, it looks imposible, right ? Well, they have done it !

Their gigs are great and full of energy. Attitude, Satan and a lot of irony is what you will find in their shows , where you can listen to hymns as “ Smoke Satan “ Y’all Motherfuckers Need Jesus,” or “Seven Devils”.
9 Albums so far, last one released on 2018 , “ The Trial “, an excellent example where they reinvented themselves once again, putting singular sounds in a weird receipt where all these styles get along reflecting their particular identity .

They are on tour in Europe and and we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to have them back.! These 4 Detroit dudes are coming to Pineda on the main stage ! They are THE GODDAMN GALLOWS !!!