Don’t miss out on the electrifying performance of Japan’s exclusive ‘one fly band! Money Child delivers blues-punk madness with The Fly and his One Man Garbage!

As many of you know, survive in the rock and roll, often requires musicians to get creative. Welcome to the world of One Man Bands, where a single individual, takes on the roles of singer, guitarist, and percussionist simultaneously, using their feet to activate a variety of instruments.

And now, allow us to introduce you to one of the most enigmatic and imaginative performers in this genre: Tatsumi Kaneko, better known as The Fly.

Imagine a mesmerizing display of guitar riffs, seamlessly blending primitive rock and roll with blues trash, all delivered with a level of creativity and unpredictability that will leave you in awe. While most one-man bands stick to a couple of riffs, The Fly effortlessly weaves through at least four, each one more inventive than the last. And let’s not forget his agility: maintaining rhythm with his feet while belting out tunes under his characteristic fly mask.

For those of you who have had the privilege of witnessing this spectacle in person, you know exactly what we’re talking about. But for those who haven’t seen it, let us tell you, it’s a unique opportunity to see The Fly on the Hasil Adkins stage. You’ll be treated to an unforgettable experience, complete with satisfying fuzz tones and extraordinary musicality that will leave you thrilled.

So, from Japan, let’s give it up for The Fly and His One Man Garbage! 🎸🪰🎶


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