Last year we brought you the Japanese Psychobilly Invasion, and we were happy you enjoyed it as much as you did. one of the bands we invited but coudn´t make it, was this quartet from Tokyo, that´s why this year they have to be at Pineda!

Formed in 1999 , they are one  of the most active bands in the Japanese scene where they have a big and mixed audience of  Psychobillies, Rockabillies, Punks, Hardcore and Garage people.

Six album releases make a long career and one more on the way for 2019, at the same time they celebrate their 20th Anniversary,  don´t forget to get it  on their merch stand this year !

Their shows combine a great chaos of madness and horror, thrilling songs and melodies which include all the styles we mentioned before. They are coming with lot of energy to demonstrate all the hard work they have done and blow your mind with their Psychobilly claw !!!

Namzobio , U-Jiro , Psyck  and Uma are the names and they are THE CRACKS ! Don´t miss them !!!!