Coffinshakers at Psychobilly Meeting: Where Country Meets the Macabre, and Graves Dance to the Rhythm of Musical Horror!

And what if Johnny Cash had preferred vampires, werewolves, and German expressionist cinema instead of walking the straight line? Well, meet the Coffinshakers. These horror country enthusiasts, hailing from Karlstad, Sweden, since the mid-’90s, are led by vocalist/guitarist Rob Coffinshaker, backed by Andy Bones on drums, Joe Undertaker on bass, Dr. Fang on guitar, and Rebecca on backing vocals.

Founded in 1995 by Rob Coffinshaker, these cemetery country pioneers have released records that have become coveted collector’s gems. Blending the aesthetics of German expressionist cinema with the traditional sounds of Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash’s country, occasionally toying with Ennio Morricone-style melodies and the surf-garage sounds of The Ventures from the ’60s, the Coffinshakers have gained a cult following since the late ’90s and into the 2000s.

With full-bodied lyrics and Rob Coffinshaker’s unmistakable deep voice, these Swedes even managed to break into the top 40 in Finland with their self-titled album in 2007. So, get ready for a musical journey that goes beyond conventional lines, where country meets darkness, and horror blends with rhythm.

The Coffinshakers will be at the Psychobilly Meeting to make graves tremble and your pounding hearts race.

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