“Viva La Revolution” , “Joker in the Pack” or “Chinese Takeaway” will sound loud in Pineda de Mar next July because Monkey and his boys , THE ADICTS, are coming at the beach !!!
They have risen to the stages of venues nearly every night for the last 40 years to make their followers explode of happiness . This legendary Punk band, born in Suffolk, United Kingdom, in 1975, reached fame in the following decade and since then, they have remained among the favourites of the international punk scene with the peculiarity of keeping most of its original line up .
Possibly more relevant than ever, the classic punk kings THE ADICTS, have returned with big intensity in their latest release “And It Was So”, unadulterated Punk-Rock , true to its roots for decades.
Their average age of 60 years is no excuse because their concerts are authentic parties, get ready to see them characterized, swim in confetti, streamers, live the attitude, passion and enjoy the themes which are authentic jewels of all these decades.

One of the most demanded bands by all of you, this year on the Psychobilly Meeting stage …. THE ADICTS !!!!