Get Ready to Soar High with Gothenburg’s Own: The Test Pilots! Pure Psychobilly Vibes with Their Latest Release “Wasteland”

The Test Pilots is a rockin’ trio from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band formed in 2012 and consists of Mattias Uneback (bass & vocals), Anton Eriksson (guitar) and Johan Hjalmarsson (drums).
Drawing from wide array of musical genres the band has been striving to combine influence into an original sound yet never far away from their stomping roots of psychobilly and neo-rockabilly.
The Test Pilots, are now back with their latest and fourth release “Wasteland”. Psychobilly infused rock n’ roll with frantic rhythms and lyrical despair. After drinking rocket fuel and with their parachutes near at hand, these maniacs aren’t afraid of crash landing.
Come see for your self , Swedish Psychobilly night ! on wednesday night !

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