We have always said that great bands come from cold countries, maybe the weather helps them to concentrate more or maybe it makes them dedicate many hours to rehearsals, we simply don’t know, but, the fact is that this awesome band has been around for as many years as our festival, one of the most representative bands of Russia that have graced our stage several times!! They never disappoint, they are a safe bet!!
5 albums published by Crazy Love and many kilometers traveled through Europe, their source of inspiration is clear : Psychobilly Oldschool and Neo rockabilly of the late 80s but what particularity makes them so special are their live gigs. Three, great musicians … .. Andy on guitar, Maxon on drums and Rusell on double bass, at the front, Andrew, singer and leader of the band, who has the ability to perform on the stage like a fish in the water. They unleash a show with an explosion of energy from the first note.

If you already know them you know exactly what we are talking about and if you don’t know, or have never seen them before then this is your chance to find out !!!
This year we are lucky to have them on the main stage so be prepared to dance like a monkey because they are … STRESSOR !!!

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