You know we always like to offer you something special and we think this the kind of band it will surprise you and you don’t see very often .
It´s coming by the long dead souls of the Sandorff brothers, Peter was one of founders of Nekromantix together with Kim and Kristian joined the band a bit later. As you know, Peter is one of the most active musicians who has been a long time in the scene, composing, writing, and recording many tracks which some of them, became anthems of Psychobilly .
In all these years he has participated in 11 albums, several EP´s , add to that touring around the world with his music, played with Nekromantix, Mad Sin, Dead Kings and now he is hitting the stages with his Dead Mexican Surf band Hola Ghost .
Janne is a well-established Finnish contrabass player, who has played in multiple bands as Peter Sandorff band, Haunted Hill, Multiclimex, Sweet Jeena & Sweethearts among others, very versatile and has been also recognized to be one one of the fastest contrabass players in the world !
What can you expect from this band ? You can expect themes from all those bands, from the past, present and future, some of them haven´t been published yet .
This is a truly interesting prospect, one that we are sure you will enjoy !
Difficult to see them playing in big events and festivals, they sell out all their concerts, so this not a good, but a great opportunity to see the Sandorff brothers in action !!