They may not be from a big city, nor are they playboys – they are, unequivocally, SMALL TOWN PIMPS! 🎸🔥

Small Town Pimps is a trio hailing from the heart of Sweden’s red light district, Sundsvall. With over three decades of history, this enigmatic band is making a triumphant return after 23 years since their first performance on our stages. Their unique blend of rockabilly and psychobilly, accompanied by lyrics delving into the realms of zombies, prostitutes, and the essence of rock and roll, has earned them a solid fan base and a legacy of five albums.

Formed in 1995, Small Town Pimps have experienced some lineup changes over the years. Presently, the band comprises Håkan Jonsson, known as “Kinky Pimp”, Magnus Wiström, also known as “Sexy Pimp”, and Jimmy Lundgren, famously dubbed “Turbo Pimp”.

Their highly anticipated reunion tour includes several dates, with their performance at the Psychobilly Meeting being a highlight. Get ready for an electrifying experience as Small Town Pimps bring their characteristic blend of humor, power, and musical skill to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Psychobilly Meeting at the Swedish Psychobilly Night on Wednesday, July 3rd.

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