SAINT PETER SQUARE is a Neo-Rockabilly and Psycho-Billy trio from Seville, Spain. Their story goes like this: Ismael Lojo, former guitarist and singer of the veteran rockabilly group “Uncle Williams,” regularly meets with his lifelong friend Juanlu Núñez, a lifelong Rocker, to play in an attic. With few resources and a lot of enthusiasm, they start playing with an old guitar and a bass to which Juanlu attaches an iron foot to play it standing up, lacking the money for a double bass.

One day, another great friend, Jose Carlos Oria, is encouraged to close the circle, takes up the drumsticks, and with his semi-drum kit as an engine, gives birth to the group’s definitive formation.

Today, after more than a hundred performances throughout Europe and two albums released, with a lot of work and a lot of beer, they continue to rehearse their repertoire over and over again with the enthusiasm of the next concert, always seeking to convey their philosophy to the audience: Rock & Roll should be done for the sake of fun. RNR IS fun… and that’s how they try to make it!

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