Mr Mark Harman had the brilliant idea to return with the dream team, only for this year and only for some exclusive concerts.
One of them will be the one in Pineda.
After the second release “Do you feel Restless”, Paul Harman, bass player and Mark’s brother, is being replaced by Jeff Bayly, they will add another guitar player, Mick Malone, and with the talented Ben Cooper on drums and great composer, will have much stronger and original.
We are talking about 1985 and Restless will turn into an unexpected new sound in their new record “After Mid-night”, a great launch to the English charts.
They will add a wind section and keyboards to attract a much diverse audience without loosing their personality.
If you didn´t have chance to see them with this line up on the legendary Kubfoot, then this is a great opportunity !

2019 is the RESTLESS year ” The original four pieces line up “”