Break Free with Prisoners of Society: Barcelona’s New Psycho Band! 🎸🔥

Let´s introduce you  Prisoners of Society, a new powerful trio hailing from Barcelona, formed on September 24, 2022! 🎸🥁🎤

Escaping from the lock of a maximum-security cell, these three crazies guys come together to recreate a Psycho sound  of the 90s with a touch of Street Punk. 💥

With a powerful slap on the bass, solid drumming, and dirty guitar riffs, accompanied by a rough and otherworldly voice, they offer a thunderous mix. 🎶

After some lineup changes and clearer ideas, Prisoners of Society has become a band to watch in the current scene. 🔥

Their debut album, six tracks that define the genre, is a prove of their dedication, backed by the esteemed record label Bad Billy Records. And that’s not all! Their latest album includes a song dedicated to the festival called “Just for Fun,” that no one should miss! 🤘🎶🎉

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