There are bands trying to be copies and others that their own originality are totally different from the rest. This is the case of the German band, PADDLECELL, a mixing of Psychobilly old school rhythms, swing, dirty lyrics, a deep voice to the purest Sparky and a wind section that gives life to the Ska rhythm, an elegant mix of these styles that they call themselves HORROR-SKA.
They began in 1997 but it is not until 2006 that they recorded their first album for Halb7Records. Their latest work recorded in 2017 is titled “Sometimes we come back” 12 of their own songs for Part Records.
They visited us at the 15th Psychobilly Meeting in 2007 and left us impressed, so 13 years later they return in 2020 on the main stage in one of their best moments.
An interesting sextet for everyone who likes 2-tone, Swing, ska-punk and of course Psychobilly. Do not miss them they are PADDLECELL.

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