Ghosts, Gargoyles, and Guitar Riffs: NEKROMANTIX will bewitch Santa’s beach with Their Macabre Melodies

Armed with his charismatic signature coffin bass, the chilling screams, monsters and sharpest of quiffs, Kim Nekroman and his boys are making the long journey from the USA to the beaches of Santa Susanna.

The promise of a musical explosion based on stories of monsters, zombies, vampires, werewolves and classic horror and B movies. Their latest album “A Symphony of Wolf Tones & Ghost Notes” on Hellcat Records extends the legacy without giving up the roots in Denmark in the late 80’s.

Songs such as “Glow in the Dark”, “War Bats”‘ and “Resting with Face” will feature in the setlist alongside previous hits “Who Killed The Cheerleader ?” and of course the absolute classic “Gargoyles Over Copenhagen”

Those that have seen them live already know that they never fail to put on a great show, they always always come with surprises to thrill , we have GARGOYLES OVER SANTA … We have NEKROMANTIX !!!!!!!!!!

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