Unleashing Sweadish Madness: Meet Mad Man Horse, Masters of the HorroShow!

At the end of 2014 in the depths of a snowy Swedish winter, this 5 piece band emerged from the deep drifts and in April 2015 they released an EP.  They had not even played live at that point. Despite this the EP was noticed and won rave reviews.

This gave them the energy to start touring and their shows proved to be full of life and fun. Over the last two years, they have been playing live as support acts as well as being headliners too . Their recent album, “Hits You Hard”,has something more than a funny sleeve,  it´s got those hard rhythm beats and a broken voice which we can call  the Scandinavian Demented version !!

They will be on Santa Susanna stage bringing their powerful HorroShow, they will surprise you, they are very different to the norm,  saddle up psychos to MAD MAN HORSE !

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