This band have been playing their own mix of Psychobilly with a bit of Ska for over 30 years now, and are true Klubfoot originals having graced the famous home of our music many many times.
Their record releases are far too many mention , but their most recent, on Western Star and produced by the prodigious talent that is Alan Wilson, is called ” Headless” and no doubts,we will be lucky to hear a few tracks of this live at Pineda.

Besides, the sign of Mark Carew slapping that bass wearing not his shirt but the biggest and best smile is a sight that everyone cherishes. With Theo hitting the drums and Matt expertly playing the guitar you never get bored as their energy is 100% fun and it infects every part of your body and mind.
They have played the big stage many times before and for 2018 we welcome them back.
They are THE LONG TALL TEXANS…!!!!!!