Les Wampas are currently an influential French punk rock band who have maintained their presence in the underground scene over the years.
Les Wampas started as a Psychobilly band, as many of you already know, in the early 80’s,so this announcement means a big importance for the Psychobilly Meeting.
They started their career in the early 80’s in the Parisian region of Ille de France, where they released their first EP in 1985 with songs in French and humorous lyrics like “My girlfriend is a nazi, what are my parents going to say”. Fronted by frontman Didier Wampas, Les Wampas had nothing to envy from the English bands of the time.
In 1987, they released “Tutti Frutti”, distributed by New Rose, and Alain Wampa, their double bass player, left the band to join Happy Drivers, and then went on to join Los Carayos and Mano Negra.
Our favourite frenchies Gaybeul and Thomas and their current guitarist,and the great Didier Wampas will be in Pineda de Mar for a very special concert as they will return to their roots and review their first albums.
This unique concert promises to be a pleasant surprise for many of their fans and we are sure it will be something that will hardly will be seen again, so you know you can’t miss it!
This year in Pineda, LES WAMPAS ! ! !

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