If you still have not heard about LA PERRA BLANCO this is the time to get to see , feel and hear them ! Remember the name because they’re giving the world lots to talk about !
In a musical world where men predominate, this young 23-year-old girl comes from a family of hugely talented musicians and she has Rock and Roll in her blood. She is quickly making a name in the current scene.
She has been playing guitar since he was 14 years old, going through different styles, but in the most frenetic Rockabilly sound is where he has found his home. She is virtous on the guitar and has a deep rhythm that is evident in all her concerts, transmitting to the public her happiness and her passion for music.
In a world where the pin ups are booming LA PERRA BLANCO struggles to get by and it is this that she, herself recognises , she doesn’t do the fashion thing in her concerts , she lives what she plays and her face demonstrates this everytime and in every show , these things are breaking molds to offer a unique experience.
LA PERRA BLANCO, is a Rockabilly powerful trio coming from the port town of Cadiz (Spain) and in they’re releasing their first record we at just for fun are very much looking forward to hearing it.
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