Formed in 2014 and with the current line up since 2016, Kings of Hong Kong play fast gritty Rock n Roll, Taking their influences from the likes of Link Wray, The Cramps, The Meteors, The Tall Boys, garage trash and early Psychobilly. 

With a line up of two filthy guitars, dirty slap bass and bewitching drum kit beats, KoHK have created their own take on the    Classic trashy garage rock n roll sound.  Creating a full and infectious live sound, bristling with energy and aggression.

Since it’s genesis the band still sing of Voodoo, Shrunken Heads, Rayguns, Bikes Beer and Wild Guitars Space Cowboys, Mexicans, Vultures and strange mysteries of the night.

Playing gigs throughout the UK, and on the continent, Germany, France, Spain, and Sardinia.

Kings of Hong Kong currently have 3 vinyl album releases on Trash Wax records with their 4th due very soon.

Get ready to get down and dirty with the band that gives you ROCK N ROLLA.

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