Formed in 2006 , this is London´s most sesantional Rhythm´n´Blues-Punk pary band , and one that truly represents, London, being a mongrel mix

of Caribbean, Japan, France and Spain. Originally influenced by the wildest bands of the 50´s and 60´s they have developped their own style of high

energy sausage fuelled rock and roll , specifically designed to get you dancing like a man.

The guitar riffs are infectious, the vocals are the insane rantings of a man haunted by the ghost of Screamin´ Jay Hawkins, and the drums

and bass chugg along relent- lessly like a train with no brakes. Members of Cumberland Three  have a solid pedigree, as they

previously played in the Parkingsons, chinese lungs, the nips, uk subs, Barrence Whitfield etc….

For nearly 2 decades, the king and his cumberland 3 have been spreading the Rhythm & punk grease all around

this big old world , bringing along with them buckets of fun , racous energy , silliness, smiles and sweat ! with this quartet, every

show  is a party !

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