The idea for this band came from song writer, musician and general psychobilly mad freak Phillip Doyle.
Over the years The Zorchmen have been formed by a diverse line up and released several albums and Ep’s ! Nigel Lewis, Dave Finnegan, Graeme (Captain Drugbuster) Grant ,and this time, joining up with original Meteors and Tall Boys drummer, Mark Robertson. Who would be the front man ? Why not pick the best ? Jeroen Haamers of Batmobile of course, and the band grew.

Next question was to find a bass player with the skill and stage presence to match the other three, no other than Coffin Nails bassist Scott Milsom and the band was formed. They have performed at numerous festivals now and are recording and playing new material.

Pineda Psychos we have JEROEN HAAMERS & the Zorchmen !!

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