The Hyperjax: an explosion of punkabilly/psychobilly that you can’t miss!

Last year they couldn’t be with us, and this year they promise not to miss the Psychobilly Meeting for the first time.

From the hidden depths of the northwest of England, The Hyperjax have been rocking circuits worldwide since 1996. They are a band composed of influences from Rockabilly, Punk Rock, and Psychobilly, among other genres, while still maintaining that they are just a Rock n Roll band.

Thunderous drums and bass, flashing guitar hooks, and choruses that come straight from the heart and go straight for yours. What more could you ask for? Now on Wolverine Records, The Hyperjax release their 5th album ‘Bringing the bad back home,’ blending elements of power pop, country, and blues. Get ready for their strong impact! The Hyperjax impact!

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