hillbilly hellcats


hillbilly hellcats

This band comes from the US state that is famous for its vast plains, large river , high mountains , a gold rush and lots of bands with ties to original American music influenced by the culture of Colorado. The vocalist and guitarist, Chuck Hughes, formed the band back in 1993, having grown tired of playing in standard Rockabilly local bands

Chuck meets two good musicians, bass player Lance Romance and then the former drummer of Rev. Horton Heat on the first three albums, Taz Bentley, they play a mix of Rockabilly, Bluegrass, Punk, White trash, Caravans, Alcohol, skateboards and Hippies, the adventure of HILLBILLY HELLCATS begins and quickly spread around the world. Recording ,TV shows, songs in commercials, movies and video games.

They are fast, their devilish guitar and their lyrics are not about the usual pin ups, heartbreak and other standard topics.

This is a rare and golden opportunity to see the band in Europe, HILLBILLY HELLCATS! HILLBILLIES ON SPEED !!!

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