Four fresh-faced scamps burst out of Bedford UK back in 2004. From a town with a name more synonymous with trucks than rock and roll, and influenced by a genre that was over two decades out of date, with the exuberance of youth, they dived headlong into stamping their own brand on psychobilly.
The combination of Henry’s ‘on the verge of a coronary’ vocals, total musical abandon and the addition of the most laid-back saxophonist you’re ever likely to witness was infectious. The weary psychobilly scene hungry for something fresh rubbed it’s eyes, blinked a bit and cheered the young Bleeders into the fold.
It’s safe to say Henry and the band embraced every inch of their rock n roll lives. They were thrown out of hotel rooms and had members locked up and that just over the period of one Western Star session. 15 years later, three studio albums, two seven-inch singles, a 10” vinyl on the way and inclusion on a dozen compilations under their belts, they are a firmly established part of the ‘scene’. Riding high on the back of their latest long-player ‘Looking Backwards’ out now on Western Star they are kicking on in style.
“What I don’t get, they still call us new blood” was my quote from a bemused Henry. There’s a reason for that, Henry and the Bleeders belt out psychobilly like they just invented it, brace yourselves and prepare for them to crank it up a notch in Pineda.


Simon Nott