We told you we would have new things for this year ! We introduce to you THE HASIL ADKINS stage ! A tribute to the grandfather of the new One Man Bands and one of the fathers of the Psychobilly, without doubt .

This stage will be held inside the festival area Thursday , Friday, Saturday and Sunday . Each day will be have a different artist to entertain us on the festival terrace between bands and so the continuous party begins !!!

To open the new stage we have a Deluxe line up, a representation of best Europe ONE MAN BANDS which will transport us to the sounds of Trash ´n´Roll and Trash ´n´ Blues, with all the power they use to play at their shows !

REVEREND BEAT MAN- Coming Straight from his hermitage , THE MONSTERS frontman, coudn´t miss this special chance to preach to all the psychobilly sinners of the festival . Prayers for the dead, the murders , the love and to search for the light to the path of rhythm, Rock and Roll, Blues Trash and Gospel !

DEAD ELVIS and His One Man Grave – The Memphis corpse returns from his grave in Disgraceland, primitive as ever as The king of his one man band . His possessed Rock and Roll is spreading like an uncontrolled fire and is gaining a big Crowd of fans from different generations . Zombie King Rock and Roll !!!

HOMBRE LOBO INTERNATIONAL – Paul Chaney becomes a Werewolf and when the moon comes out at the Pineda Beach, he will howl, playing guitar and drums with his feet. His victims are the humans which get mad at their desperate, dirty and frantic tunes ! His show is wild, he is crazed such as his audience . Auuuuuuuuuu !!!!

DOLLAR BILL – Rude, wild Rockin´ Blues is what this dude is doing coming straight from the 30´s decade, playing drums , guitar, harp and singing at the same time ! Don´t be mistaken , don´t expect for sad blues, he will pull you into the rhythm of John Lee Hooker ! This man is awesome , authentic one-man punk bluesman !!!