The Canadian Psychobilly Kings are back in Pineda !!!
They always offer a gig full of energy with themes from their early recordings to their last 5th record “No God, no Ghost, no Saints”, which has been said is their best one until now, 11 large caliber shots from the beginning to end ! Psychobilly, Rock and Roll, Punk and Early Metal in the right dose make the Gutter Demons an original and unique band !
They still have their original line up from 2001 and you all know them, : Pat on drums, Johnny Toxik on guitar and vocals and Flipper on slap bass. They are dedicated hard working guys and they are one of the most respected bands, not only in Canada but worldwide.

Next July, Gutter Demons invite you to submerge in their dark world, weird and wild , where the beings from beyond the grave will welcome you.
Come and join the dark world of GUTTER DEMONS !!!