The acclaimed icons of the Psychobilly of the United Kingdom fronted by their charismatic Pip Hancox , return to Pineda to turn the stage upside down with all their hymns of these last 35 years !!!
They don’t need a big introduction but for the few who don´t know them just saying THE GUANA BATZ are one of the bands which were part of the British wave of Psychobilly emerging in the 80s, at the same time as The Cramps were gaining importance in the underground scene in the USA .
The band was formed in the London suburb of Felthan, in Middlesex in 1982 playing Rockabilly with the speed and aggression of Punk , they fitted perfectly into the British Psychobilly scene , being regulars of the great Klub Foot in London, cradle of the Psychobilly of the United Kingdom. They started gathering numerous successes which were Top 10 in the Indies lists .

Two years ago, in 2017, after a 10 year drought, they released a new album with Tombstone Records “Burning Up” and they showed us they are still in shape after so many years, their live shows are crushing and accelerated, they are still headlining the main festivals around the world, and they have plans to non stop!
So now you know what you should do ; Join the GUANA BATZ legions of international fans because BATZ FANS HAVE MORE FUN !!!!
The legendary, fascinating, captivating … THE GUANA BATZ !!!!

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