The origins of GREEN MONSTER date back to December 23, 1999, right after the original band called Los Bandidos broke up.

23 years of existence means countless concerts at home and abroad and four full-length albums, with no doubt, they are psychobilly pioneers in the Czech Republic and leaders in the genre. Their pure-blooded old school psychobilly bites you to the bone. Their stiff sepulchral rock’n’roll is made to entertain bloodthirsty zombies dancing on ancient graves. Dark, but funny, rough, but melodic.

Their live shows have the power of a devilish hot rod and will make your skeleton dance through all three levels of hell. A bulging green monster, who indulges in all sorts of vices, from cigarettes to cutting up human bodies, cant wait to meet you – or let’s just say that Cosmo and his pack of demons is soon coming to Pineda de mar! RUN OR DIE!

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