Grab your Surfin Ouija Board and come to witness the Paranormal Rockin Sounds of The Graveyard Mutants!!
No Personal Radiation Protection Equipment required…at your own risk!!

Tuesday13th february 2024

After a quiet two months, neighbors of the Old Graveyard are reporting again the strange phenomena now known as “The Case of The Graveyard Mutants”.
From midnight onwards, weird and loud rockin noises comes out from the closed Graveyard, this blasphem music has not a clear explanation on the empty graveyard, but some people declared has seen strange creatures and even had photogrophated them playing this kind of obscene rock and roll ( see the pic on this article)
If that’s not bad enough, now young flat topped teenagers wearing leather jackets and combat boots are starting to sneak in to the closed cemetery to dance to the paranormal rockin sounds.
The police and townhall authorities seems to be unable to stop those strange events, but from the Vatican Church, The Pope declared, “We already fought this hellsent rock and roll during the 1950’s and we will fight it again now!

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