One of the bands we love to bring to play because seeing them live is like listening their records, perfection, good taste and technique !!!!
Gorilla was established in late 1995 in Budapest, Hungary by the Lukats brothers, Pete and Tom, and their old time friend, Laszlo Gyori (aka Tubush). Pete just left his first rockabilly band called The Gunning Dogs which was some kind of a Stray Cats style rockabilly group. At the same time, Tubush just left his own band called the Boppers, and with Pete’s young brother, Tom, who was only 18, the three guys decided to start a new Neo Rockabilly band. The music slowly started to be faster and faster and they turned to psychobilly after a year. Gorilla’s music has 3 very different ingredients . Pete has a very strong guitar oriented jazzy and rockabilly background and passion for classical music themes. Back then, Tom, the youngster had an intensive, fast and modern psychobilly heart under the infulence of Nekromantix and Mad Sin, and Tubus came from a solid neb-rockabilly background. These three different approach creates Gorilla’s unmistakable music and sound. The first album “Too Much For Your Heart” was released in 1999 by Crazy Love Records, and their second album, “Genetic Joke” was released a year later. In 2001 Pete moved to Canada, so the band was put on hold for 8 long years. But after Pete moved back, they picked up the line and continued to play again all around the world with great success. After a long time, they are planning to release a new album next year. From the glorious and beautiful Budapest, the most important band from the Hungarian Psychobilly scene : GORILLA !!!

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