This band needs no introduction. A bonafide original klubfoot band from the south west of England that have endured and toured worldwide.
They bring their own brand of Psychobilly, Adam on drums , always tight and never misses a beat , Steve Eaton on guitar struts the stage like no one else , and front man, the legend , Steve Whitehouse with his masterful and enigmatic double bass playing style and perpetual smile on stage.
We have said everything about the band before so we wanted to take the opportunity to recognise that Steve Whitehouse , for a number of years , has been the bass tech for the festival. Building three basses, he is there from before sound check around lunchtime right up to the end of the headline act every day of the festival. His contribution to the Psychobilly meeting is huge and it’s only right he gets the just recognition.
So just for fun are happy and proud to welcome the chants of “ I see red “ on the big stage.
Hey you! Get into a Frenzy !!!

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