Another band participating at the Welcome Party on the Wednesday night are the veterans Evil Devil. This band started in 2001 and after several lineup changes, they are at their very best right now now putting a rattling show on the stage.

It all started when four good friends wanted to have fun, travelling around Europe and playing various festivals and venues. The line up : Valerio on drums, David on slapbass, Piccio on the strings and Angel heading the band and singing. They decide to with their first album to give it to Crazy Love, “Devil Scream” will be released pretty soon, 4 more albums will follow it !
Soon a new member will enter the band, he will give the experience, a harder and powerful sound, Teo TankaEvil, a well known on the Italian scene as he was the guitar of the mythical band Stompin´ Mad Batz . With him the band truly found their way forward and they travelled to the USA to play at the Zombilly Weekender, 3 gigs in NYC, one of them on the legendary C.B.G.B.
Nowadays the band has 2 of the old members, David and Angel, Smilzo on guitar and Marco on drums.
We enjoyed them a lot in Pineda on 2010 and they coudn’t be missed the night of the Italian Psychobilly. The boys are back in town! They are EVIL DEVIL

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