Join the Dukes’ rhythm revolution on the Santa beach!

The Dukes of Tijuana offer their unique style with a strong Neo-Rockabilly spirit from the 80s. These musicians from three generations provide a sound that is neither outdated nor too modern for the times we are in.

After their formation, the Dukes of Tijuana released their first album “Nymphomaniac”. This album is brimming with dynamism, energy, and rhythm. Their sound is wild, all in their own style with high recognition, and indeed, the DUKES OF TIJUANA are no strangers. Mark, Paddy, Chris, and Grischa, together, offer a rich experience from various bands.

The album “Nymphomaniac” is fast-paced, with some softer moments, but rounded and perfectly coordinated. It offers a total of 12 songs written by the guys. Songs like “Blue Moon”, “Don’t Cry Just Drink”, and “Ruff Diamond” are catchy and come to life thanks to the perfect combination of Paddy’s vocals and the excellent instrumental arrangement of Mark, Chris, and Grischa. Songs like “Movin”, “Hellride”, or “Coming Home” make you move to their rhythm, slap, and guitar, and leave no one indifferent.

A great musical discovery of 2022 that we will have on the Santa beach to celebrate our 30th anniversary!

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