They are cynical, they are sarcastic, they are irreverent, undeniably chaotic but its their sound that will crush you ! Because everywhere they go they leave the audience with the most brutal adrenaline rush .
Characterized by a powerful, impeccably dirty and depraved live act that is their very own personal mix of Psychobilly, Punk Rock and primitive Rock and Roll .
They possess a charm that dazzles old rockers, punk rockers, goths and of course the Psychobilly die hards ! The stats speak volumes , spanning more than 30 years , more than 20 albums ,and thousands of concerts around the world ! Demented Are Go are now an essential reference in international Psychobilly.

An orgasm of sound , a luminous sign capable of taking you to a no-man’s land between heaven and hell, they are DEMENTED ARE GO !!!