This is a short story about a long beard. A small story about a big incident that formed the style of this band.
A tale about two guys with a bass, harmonica, drums and a singer with the above-mentioned long beard.
What you hear ISN´T what you get! You´ll get a lot more here !
Two guys on a mission to prove the world how powerful the blues can be.
Teaching their audience “no guitar player needed”. Punk/Blues at it´s best ! Pure, raw, and hard-hittin’!
Drummer David Karlinger concentrates on his harmonica chops in this band and works the drums with his feet. Bernie Miller slaps that double bass and is the man on the microphone as well.

If you don´t believe that these two aren’t enough to produce a forceful sound then you should witness of their live show in the Hasil Adkins Stage !
Let them BLOW YOU AWAY !!!

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